Fluoride in our drinking water

Let’s take a minute to consider whether we really want to have fluoride added to our tap water?  If we rely on public drinking water, then we really have no choice but to drink the water that we pay for being pumped into our homes.

My drinking water is supplied by Portland Water District and they add fluoride to our water.  Last time I checked, I did not sign up to be medicated by the Portland Water District?  Let’s see….  I can choose toothpaste at the store that does not contain fluoride.  I can choose this, because medical professionals have determined that fluoride is harmful if swallowed and falls into a category as a poison.

I decided to see what Portland Water District has to say about their fluoridated water.  You can check it out too at www.pwd.org/news/fact_sheets/fluoride.php.  First, I was concerned to see that my water contains added fluoride, not naturally occurring fluoride.  Additive fluoride is made from separating out the fluoride from phosphorus.  Phosphorus!  That’s chemical fertilizer.   Secondly, it mentions that the addition of fluoride to public drinking water began in 1945.  I’m pretty sure Americans had a great many bad ideas back in 1945, like that smoking cigarettes wasn’t harmful to your health!

Portland Water District claims that they are helping people prevent tooth decay.  I did a little research and the best way to prevent tooth decay is by brushing and flossing your teeth.  Absorption of fluoride through your blood stream is not a good way to prevent tooth decay.  Topical application of fluoride is an effective way to get fluoride onto your teeth.  It is even medically recommended that you don’t let your child under two years of age use toothpaste with fluoride in it, because it’s harmful if swallowed.

I found a website which is very anti-fluoride.  It’s www.fluoridealert.ofg/fluoride-facts.htm.  Check it out and see for yourself.  They show 10 facts about fluoride which are very interesting and includes information on health risks.

What can we do to have a choice about whether we want fluoride in our water?  I’m looking for suggestions.

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  1. Guess we all better talk to PWD. or better still get our own water in a cooler with a spout. Will filtering help?

  2. There are counter top fluoride filters for sale for around $200. I also found a whole house filtration system for $670. It seems strange the more I think about it that PWD fluoridates all of the water, when most water is used showering and flushing toilets.

  3. People need to get active and petition, lobby, call, write and visit their legislators and demand they pass a law banning fluoridation of their own hometown’s water supply. If people in every city did t his
    successfully, we all wouldn’t be forced to purchase elaborate systems to get fluoride out of our drinking water. Fluoride is still in most supermarket and restaurant food because fluoridated
    tap water is used to make them. 70% of US public water supplies are fluoridated. Also fluoride is absorbed in baths and inhaled from showers.

    Fluoride is neither a nutrient nor essential for healthy teeth. After 65 years of water fluoridation, tooth decay is a growing epidemic in the US along with fluoride overdose symptoms
    – dental fluorosis (discolored teeth) now afflicting up to 48% of US school children, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

    80% of dentists refuse to treat Medicaid patients and 130 million Americans lack dental insurance. In recent years american children have died from the consequences of untreated tooth decay.
    Our emergency rooms are flooded with people seeking dental care, costing the taxpayer ten times the cost of a simple filling which would have been prevented if dentists would accept Medicaid patients.

    Fluoridation gives the illusion that organized dentistry cares about the low income people they refuse to treat.

    We need to take back our water supply from this rich and powerful special interest group and demand that dentists be mandated to treat low income people, too.

    But when you say mandate to a dentist they invariably say, “freedom of choice.” But when they say fluoridation and we say “we want freedom of choice,” they say “too bad.”

    It’s time to take back our water supply from organized dentistry who uses fluoridation as a ticket to political viability.

  4. Hi all, my name is Michelle Clements and I represent the Portland Water District. I thought a little background might add to the discussion.

    Maine law mandates that a public water system must add fluoride to the water if a majority of customers votes to do so. The customers of the Portland Water District voted to have their water fluoridated in 1996 and, as required, the District began fluoridating soon thereafter.
    While we feel fluoridation is safe, we are here to serve our customers, and we would discontinue the practice if so directed. To do so customers would need to do so by referendum/vote.