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Organic Facials

I was talking to Melissa O. the other night about her new line of organic facials and I really think they are great so I wanted to blog about them.  Melissa was telling me about a new acne treatment she is offering which includes organic manuka honey.  Manuka honey is made by New Zealand honey bees which pollinate the manuka bush and the honey has antibiotic and antibacterial properties.  Manuka honey is approved as a wound care product.  Melissa specializes in anti-aging and anti-acne facials and she is very well informed and can offer suggestions on how to maintain youthful and beautiful skin.  You don’t need harsh chemical based products to look your best!  Melissa will treat you with vegan, organic products and she will use organic supplies.  Contact her at www.PureBlissSkinCare. com and if you are a first time customer she will only charge you $45.00 for a full facial.  You can’t beat that!  Pure Bliss Skin Care is located at 456 Roosevelt Trail in Windham, Maine.