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Got Red Wiggler Worms?

Have you ever thought of worm composting, also known as vericomposting.  Worms eat your garbage!  The worms will eat any of your fruit and veggie kitchen scraps.  Eventually they leave behind worm castings which are wonderfully rich in nutrients and your plants will love it.

Believe it or not, you can keep the worms right under your kitchen sink if you want to.  I purchased a plastic container called “Can O’ Worms”.  At first I kept it at the top of the stairway to my basement, conveniently located to my kitchen and then when it got warmer in the Spring I moved the worms to the garage.  If you follow the directions, your worms and compost will not smell bad.

My chickens also love the kitchen scraps, so there are plenty of ways to make it useful without throwing food into the garbage.  When your worms multiply to more than you need you can always feed them to your chickens!

If you are interested in worm composting there is a great book you should read called Worms Eat My Garbage by Mary Appelhof.  It is the most comprehensive guide on the subject and provides complete instructions on setting up and maintaining a worm composting system.


Pam wants to talk about composting…

I’m no expert on composting, but I am trying it out.  Composting can reduce the amount of kitchen waste that you have to throw away and it can improve your soil.  It’s also a great way to reuse the waste from your gardens.  There are several different ways to compost.   Right now I have the big plastic bin that is sort of hidden in my yard.  This compost bin takes several years to make compost and there is no way to turn it.  I’ve had mine for four years and I’m pretty sure there is some good stuff at the bottom.  I’ll be checking it this Spring.

Linda just sent me a link to a website that sells a composter that you can put on your back porch.  It’s a compost tumbler and it claims to make compost in as little as 4 weeks.  It looks very intriguing to me, because in the winter it’s inconvenient to walk out to my bin composter.  This way, I could be lazy and step outside the door to dump my kitchen food waste.  I keep my counter top composter in my freezer, it’s just a small bucket that we throw our vegetable waste and egg shells into.  That way it doesn’t smell.  Then when it gets full, we can dump it into the larger bin. Read More…