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Got Red Wiggler Worms?

Have you ever thought of worm composting, also known as vericomposting.  Worms eat your garbage!  The worms will eat any of your fruit and veggie kitchen scraps.  Eventually they leave behind worm castings which are wonderfully rich in nutrients and your plants will love it.

Believe it or not, you can keep the worms right under your kitchen sink if you want to.  I purchased a plastic container called “Can O’ Worms”.  At first I kept it at the top of the stairway to my basement, conveniently located to my kitchen and then when it got warmer in the Spring I moved the worms to the garage.  If you follow the directions, your worms and compost will not smell bad.

My chickens also love the kitchen scraps, so there are plenty of ways to make it useful without throwing food into the garbage.  When your worms multiply to more than you need you can always feed them to your chickens!

If you are interested in worm composting there is a great book you should read called Worms Eat My Garbage by Mary Appelhof.  It is the most comprehensive guide on the subject and provides complete instructions on setting up and maintaining a worm composting system.


Natural Pesticides

Last year I acquired an English Hawthorn tree.  It is my favorite tree.  The blooms are beautiful, the leaves are interesting and you can make tea from the berries for anxiety.

Now, what I didn’t know was that besides my rose bushes, Japanese beetles’ new favorite meal is English Hawthorn.  Literally in a few days time, the nasty beetles had eaten all of the leaves off my tree.  This year I have found tons of grub worms munching the roots of my grass in the ground and ready to spring out and attack my plants.

I need to kill them!   So,  I found an all natural, pet and child friendly way to treat and kill them while they are still in the ground.  The treatment is called Milky Spore.  You can purchase it locally.  I found it at Blue Seal Feeds in Windham.  The spores infect the beetle larvae and when the larvae die and decompose, billions of new spores are released into the soil.  One application to your lawn and garden should literally rid Japanese beetles from your life forever.  2lbs can treat a 2,500 sq. foot area.   I tried to find some bad press on Milky Spore, but it doesn’t seem to harm anything besides grub worms.   So, I say “kill them all!”

You can also purchase Milky Spore online from Planet Natural.