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Reusable tote bags, a funny story

By now many people are on the bandwagon for bringing their reusable totes to the grocery store.  They are great, because you can use them for other things besides groceries.

My friend Nik was telling me a story the other day about one night she stopped at the grocery store to grab some groceries.  She and her boyfriend were going to cook a romantic dinner together.  Nik said she grabbed her grocery totes out of the trunk of her car and brought them into the store.  She was feeling excited for dinner with her boyfriend and she admitted that she was feeling pretty sexy, because she had done her hair and make-up perfectly and was wearing a “naughty librarian” outfit, complete with dark rimmed glasses.

Nik said she shopped and went to the check out where a young man was working.  Nik noticed that he was very attractive, possibly 15 years younger than herself.  She was feeling pretty sexy as I mentioned before and she was enjoying his attention, as he seemed to notice her “naughty librarian” outfit.  Nik said he as he was bagging her groceries he looked up at her and gave her a big smile.  Then he told her to have a great night and she agreed that she would.  Later when Nik got to boyfriend’s house, she was unpacking groceries and realized that in the bottom of one 0f her bags was her new matching purple satin and lace bra and panties.

Oops, reusable totes are good for shopping at department stores, too.  Just make sure you remove your unmentionables before you go grocery shopping.