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Raising chickens for eggs

This summer we started with six chicks and have been raising them for fresh eggs.  The chickens are full grown now and they are laying eggs for us.  During the winter chickens need supplemental daylight hours to keep producing eggs.  They also need some heat if it is below freezing.  I think if anyone is truly interested in raising their own chickens they should read, Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens by Gail Damerow.  This book answers everything you would ever want to know about chickens.


Windy Hill Farm

Are you looking for local beef that is grass fed, treated humanely and raised without hormones, antibiotics and other medications?  You can find meat that is safe to feed your family at Windy Hill Farm, 115 River Road, Windham, Maine.  Visit them online at

They also have organic eggs and fresh chicken!




Greener Cleener

Are you looking for a Maine made Green cleaning products?  I had the pleasure of testing some products from  I like them, because Ryan has come up with some intriguing scents.  I especially like cleaning my car with the chocolate scented cleaner and I love using the almond scented cleaner in my kitchen.  The only complaint I heard was from my friend Chris P. and it was that his wife Jen had been cleaning her kitchen with the chocolate scented cleaner and he was upset because he thought she had been baking.  It really does smell that good.  Check it out for yourself! Read More…