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Organic Facials

I was talking to Melissa O. the other night about her new line of organic facials and I really think they are great so I wanted to blog about them.  Melissa was telling me about a new acne treatment she is offering which includes organic manuka honey.  Manuka honey is made by New Zealand honey bees which pollinate the manuka bush and the honey has antibiotic and antibacterial properties.  Manuka honey is approved as a wound care product.  Melissa specializes in anti-aging and anti-acne facials and she is very well informed and can offer suggestions on how to maintain youthful and beautiful skin.  You don’t need harsh chemical based products to look your best!  Melissa will treat you with vegan, organic products and she will use organic supplies.  Contact her at www.PureBlissSkinCare. com and if you are a first time customer she will only charge you $45.00 for a full facial.  You can’t beat that!  Pure Bliss Skin Care is located at 456 Roosevelt Trail in Windham, Maine.


Lemon Verbena

Last summer I grew a potted lemon verbena on my back deck.  After much discussion with my friend Angela over how we were going to procure lemon verbena essential oils.  It got big and beautiful and it loved the sun and plenty of water.  In the fall I cut it way back and dried the leaves to make tea.  If you have never smelled lemon verbena it smells yummy, fresh and lemony.  It’s an annual in Maine, so you can’t leave it out over the winter.  I figured it wouldn’t hurt to bring it inside to see if I could keep it alive over the winter.  It made it through the winter and it is quite pretty.  The point of this story is that you can make a really yummy margarita with your lemon verbena leaves and I would like to share the recipe:

Ingredients: *makes 4 servings

The juice of 4 limes.

4 teaspoons agave syrup

1 cup of tequila (your favorite brand)

1 cup of water

1/3 cup Cointreau

2 dozen lemon verbena leaves

crushed ice

Set aside, pink Himalayan salt and 4 lime wedges


Mix all of the ingredients together in a pitcher and chill in the refrigerator for 1 hour.  To prepare the glasses, rub the rim of your glasses with lemon verbena leaves and then the lime wedges and then salt.  Garnish your margarita with a few lemon verbena leaves and a lime wedge.


Efficiency Maine?

Have you heard the commercials on the radio for Efficiency Maine?  They claim to have money saving coupons to purchase new Compact Fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).  I scoured their website and coupons are no where to be found?  If anyone knows where to find these illusive coupons please let us know.

It is important to remember if you choose to use  CFLs, they can NOT be thrown in the regular garbage.  They need to be recycled.  They contain mercury, which is toxic.  You can find a list of places in Maine that recycle CFLs if you go to

In Gorham, Maine you can take your CFLs that need to be recycled to Cook’s Hardware or to Phinney Lumber.

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Pam wants to talk about composting…

I’m no expert on composting, but I am trying it out.  Composting can reduce the amount of kitchen waste that you have to throw away and it can improve your soil.  It’s also a great way to reuse the waste from your gardens.  There are several different ways to compost.   Right now I have the big plastic bin that is sort of hidden in my yard.  This compost bin takes several years to make compost and there is no way to turn it.  I’ve had mine for four years and I’m pretty sure there is some good stuff at the bottom.  I’ll be checking it this Spring.

Linda just sent me a link to a website that sells a composter that you can put on your back porch.  It’s a compost tumbler and it claims to make compost in as little as 4 weeks.  It looks very intriguing to me, because in the winter it’s inconvenient to walk out to my bin composter.  This way, I could be lazy and step outside the door to dump my kitchen food waste.  I keep my counter top composter in my freezer, it’s just a small bucket that we throw our vegetable waste and egg shells into.  That way it doesn’t smell.  Then when it gets full, we can dump it into the larger bin. Read More…