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Solar Hot Water coming to a home near you!

Solar hot water… I didn’t know much about it, but it sounded like a good idea.  I started looking into it this summer.  Sunshine is free right?  Why not let it replace some of your energy costs?  I called and Will came out to my house to give a free estimate.  I found out that during the summer months, because of the type of furnace I have, I was burning a gallon of oil each day just to heat hot water for showers, laundry and dishes.  At almost $3.50 per gallon it seems like a lot.

I received an estimate for a solar hot water system.  I found out the will give you $1000. cash rebate if you install a solar hot water system in Maine.  Also, there is a Federal tax credit of 30% of the systems cost.

Just this week, Revision Energy installed my solar hot water system.  It’s very exciting!  They installed two panels on the roof and then they ran two pipes down through the house to the basement where they installed a super insulated hot water tank.  When there is not enough sun to heat the water to the right temperature, you will have to rely on your oil heat to heat the water, but this is only for a few months out of the year.  The rest of the time, you will be harnessing the energy and warmth of the sun.  Something to really feel good about!  This system will pay for itself in approximately 6 years.  It’s a great home equity investment.

If you would would like to learn more about solar hot water systems, check out this short video: Read More…